Convert any bitmaps or icons to C file

Bitmaps are often used in embedded system. The bitmap data can be quite large. It is time-consuming and inefficient to generate these bitmaps manually, especially if you are dealing with images of considerable size and with multiple shades of gray or colors. So you need a tool which can do accurate color conversion and automatically generates C files from bitmaps.

GLCD Bitmap Converter is such a tool you want, which helps you convert any bitmaps or icons from a PC format to a C file representing that image for your embedded project.

Released: May 29, 2017

Runs On: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)

Benefit from version 1.7

  • Accurate color conversion: convert the bitmaps to appropriate format so that the resulting C code is not unnecessarily large. Reduce the memory consumption.
  • Universal picture formats supported
  • More functions: flip horizontally or vertically, rotate, and invert colors.
  • Faster performance

Generating C files from bitmaps

When using full-color bitmaps, it will be necessary to convert the image into a palette format, so that the generated C file is not excessively large. The basic procedure for using the bitmap converter is illustrated step by step below:

Description Illustration

Step 1: Start Bitmap Converter

Bitmap Converter is opened as an empty window
start Bitmap Converter

Step 2: Load a bitmap file

  • Choose File > Open
  • Locate your document
  • The loaded bitmap displayed

load bitmap file

Step 3: Convert the bitmap

  • Choose Image > Convert to
  • Select the desired format
  • The converted bitmap is displayed

converted image

Step 4: Save the bitmap as a C file.

  • Choose File > Save
  • Select a destination and a name for the C file.
  • Select the file type.
  • Click Save.

Save file

Color Conversion

The primary reason for converting the color format of a bitmap is to reduce memory consumption. The most common way of doing this is by using the option Best Palette, which customizes the palette of a particular bitmap to include only the colors which are used in the image. It is especially useful with full-color bitmaps in order to make the palette as small as possible while still fully supporting the image.

For certain applications, it may be more efficient to use a fixed color palette. For example, suppose a bitmap in full-color mode is to be shown on a display which supports only 16 gray scales. It would be a waste of memory to keep the image in the original format, since it would only appear as 16 gray scales on the display. The full-color bitmap can be converted into a 16bpp-grayscale, 4bpp bitmap for maximum efficiency.

The procedure for color conversion would be as follows:

Description Illustration

Step 1: Load a bitmap file

  • Load a bitmap file as description above

load bitmap file

Step 2: Convert the bitmap

  • Choose Image > Convert to > Gray 16 (4bpp)

4bpp palette

Step 3: Conversion is done.

  • The converted bitmap is displayed

4bpp bitmap

Download and Order

  • Download: Click the Downoad button to download the latest version 1.7
  • Order: The price of GLCD Bitmap Converter (single user license) is USD $79.00

User Quotes

"A great tool! It's very easy to use and I appreciate the accurate conversion."

- Richard J Marcotte