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Q: Does FontSuit work on Windows 10?

A: Yes, FontSuit 3.1 works well on Windows Vista, 7 and 10.

Q: I has deactivated some installed fonts. Why they are still installed when I restart my computer?

A: Please run FontSuit 3.0 as Administrator, then fonts will be installed (activate permanently) and uninstalled (deactivate permanently) successfully.

How to run FontSuit as Administrator?
Please go to run-as-administrator page to see detialed guide.

Q: Why some fonts can not be installed on Vista?

A: Windows Vista need Administrator previlege to install fonts. So you should run FontSuit as Administrator. See How to run FontSuit as Administrator on Vista in the help document.

Q: Opentype and Adobe Type 1 fonts can not be activated in FontSuit Lite. Why?

A: FontSuit Lite is freeware. It does not support Opentype and Postscript fonts. but FontSuit Standard version can do. Please try FontSuit 3. Buy Now for only $25 (30% Off).

Q: When I select multiple fonts and move to another font set, FontSuit 2.8 crashed, but FontSuit 2.5 does not have such problems. Why?

A: This is really a big bug. FontSuit 2.8.3 fixed this bug. please update to FontSuit 2.8.3. It is FREE!

Q: I am trying your FontSuit 2.7. When I install a font called xxx.otf then close it immediately, it failed. Why?

A: This is really a big bug. FontSuit 2.8 fixed this bug. please update to FontSuit 2.8. It is FREE!

The reason: FontSuit is designed to support unicode language since v2.7, and it will run faster under unicode enviroment such as Windows 2000, XP and 2003. But FontSuit 2.7 have some unicode-relative bugs. Now these bugs are fixed in v2.8.

Q: Does FontSuit support .otf font?

A: Yes, FontSuit 2.5 and later version does. but FontSuit 2.0 or lower does not.

In FontSuit 2.5, you can drag .otf fonts into Font Sets pane, then the PostScript Oultined Opentype fonts will be added, you can manage them as other fonts. But when you use Add Fonts method, .otf fonts will not be listed in the dialog box. This is a bug and it is fixed in FontSuit 2.7

Q: What is the difference between activate permanently and activate temporarily?

A: Activate permanently (install font): the font is activated forever, and can be used automatically even if the next time you start up Windows. The font will be kept activate until you deactivate (close) it. That is, the font is activated automatically each time Windows is started or restarted.

Activate temporarily (load font): the font is activated just now, and cannot be used automatically the next time you start up Windows. The font will be kept activate until you close it, or until Windows is shut down or restarted.

Q: When I start FontSuit, there are 2 font sets automatically appear, what does they really mean?

A: See You need to know section in the help document of FontSuit. You can decide whether to list the 2 font sets or not by Tool > Options> General tab.

Q: Why is there no font in Fonts pane?

A: Because there is no font in condition of Fonts pane filter mode.

To solve the problem, change Fonts pane filter mode to All Formats, All Styles, All Status, or Fonts in All Sets.

Q: There are too many fonts in my Windows Fonts folder. Now I want to move the rarely used fonts to another place, can FontSuit help me?

A: The fonts in Windows Fonts folder are automatically added into Font Sets pane. Some are protected, and the others are added into Installed Fonts set.

You can deactivate your rarely used fonts in Installed Fonts set, then the font files are moved to Backup Fonts folder, you can quickly access it by Tool > Special Fonts Folder > Backup Fonts Folder.

Q: How to use FontSuit?

A: See Quick start for beginner section of the help document in FontSuit.

Q:I am working in Windows 98, why FontSuit does not recognize PostScript fonts?

A: PostScript Type 1 fonts are very popular in the desktop publishing industry, but ATM (Adobe Type Manager) font driver is needed to display and print PostScript fonts. If you working in Windows 98, Me or NT, you must install ATM 4.1 light first, then install / uninstall PostScript fonts in ATM. You can preview or print them in FontSuit.

If ATM is not installed, or is not active, FontSuit ignores PostScript fonts. If ATM is installed, there are two possible reasons for this problem:

  • The Show TrueType Only option is selected. To fix this problem, in Windows Explorer, browse to your Windows Fonts folder and choose View > Options. Select the TrueType Fonts tab and make sure that the Show only TrueType fonts in the programs on my computer option is not selected.
  • Your PostScript fonts do not have .pfb files. .pfm and .pfb files must exist at the same time.

Free ATM 4.1 Light version can be download from here: ATM 4.1 Light
ATM font driver is already in Windows 2000 or higher version.