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Q: Where is the font header (bfcfont.h) file and font samples?

A: Download the font header file: bfcfont.h
Download the drawstring sample project:

Q: What is the difference between BitFontCreator Grayscale and BitFontCreator Pro?

A: The major difference is BitFontCreator Grayscale can generate antialiased 2-bpp and 4-bpp font, but BitFontCreator Pro can only generate none-antialiased 1-bpp font.

Q: Why some characters bitmap data are not correct (they are zeros) when I export bitmap data?

A: If you are using Unregistered BitFontCreator Grayscale, the bitmap data of every characters will be added two lines. Because this is DEMO version.

After registered, BitFontCreator Grayscale will generate all the data correctly, in any format you want. So be quick to purchase BitFontCreator Grayscale. Buy it Now!

Q: Does BitFontCreator Grayscale support 16-bit data length?

A: Yes. BitFontCreator Grayscale supports 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit data length.

Q: Does BitFontCreator Grayscale support Unicode encoding?

A: Yes.

Q: Can BitFontCreator Grayscale create 4-bpp fonts?

A: Yes. BitFontCreator Grayscale can create antiliased 2-bpp and 4-bpp fonts, plus the normal 1-bpp fonts.

Q: There are some useless white space above the character, How to remove it?

A: You can change the font height by clip top rows. See Change Font Height section in help document.

Q: Where is the detailed information of output file format?

A: At here : Export File Format. The Full sample code is aloso provided: Download

Q: Why can not generate antialiased 2-bpp fonts on Windows XP? The font generated is still 1-bpp.

A: To generate antialiased 2-bpp and 4-bpp fonts, you should make sure that you are working on a LCD display monitor and the ClearType is turned on . See Turn on ClearType section in Help document.